Fruit Machines

Fruit Machines

Category 'C' Fruit Machines

We offer the latest fruit machines from leading industry manufacturers and provide you the choice of reel machines, reel to video machines, or fully digital video fruit machines. We specifically select machines based on performance to ensure you receive highly profitable returns.

Category 'D' Fruit Machines

These machines are fixed to 10p play with a maximum £5 Jackpot. Notification for the intended use of these machines will need to be authorised from your local Council to allow the use of these machines in your licensed premises.

These machines do not require a licence.

Category 'B4' Fruit Machines

Club Fruit Machines B4 can be set to various price of play options up to a maximum £250 Jackpot. Club Gaming Permits or Club Machine Permits are required to allow this type of machine to be supplied to a Members Club, which is granted from your Local Council.

A Category B4 Licence is required for each Club Fruit Machine which is obtained from H.M. Customs & Excise.

Category 'B3a' (Non Commercial Sites Only)

B3a machines offer a number of games on one platform allowing the player the opportunity to select their stake and play for the chance of winning the massive £500 jackpot. The benefit of offering this type of machine in your premises is that there will be no VAT or license duty applied to your takings thus allowing you to maximise your income potential.